How Social Media Has Changed My Life

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Around five years ago I started down the social media path kicking and screaming.   I was in the television news business at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, South Carolina and the folks on the assignment desk (the people who keep the newsroom on task–monitoring breaking news, where crews are, etc.)

I was new to Facebook was and a Tweet?  Isn’t that what birds do?   Facebook wasn’t too hard to learn and I realized that it was a great way to not only find out what was going on in the community but I could reconnect with old friends.

Honestly, it took me many months later to jump on the Twitter bandwagon.   One of the biggest things that Twitter helped me with was learning more about what was going on in the news world beyond my back door.

New Journey

Now that I have stepped out of journalism after 30 years, my arena is the vast world of social media.  I am a Social Media Specialist with LLC and  I create custom graphics for their social media pages and help with other projects.

What I LOVE, LOVE to do

Making custom graphics are some of my favorite things to do.   I got hooked while taking an iBloom class for Social Media Managers with Dr. Jennifer Bennett.   PicMonkey and Canva are just a few of the programs I have in my social media toolbelt.

Here are samples of my work:

Psalm 365Martha, Martha Luke 10 41 42

Leviticus 26 12Psalm 11824 This is the day

All about the relationship

I’ve always been a believer in developing relationships.   Social Media platforms allow individuals, businesses, and any entity to engage and interact with people absolutely anywhere in the world…maybe the universe. Do astronauts Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram?  You bet they do!

To be successful at this you have to keep at it.  You can’t sit around looking at your feeds and wondering if anyone is noticing you.  So I’d like you encourage you to get in there and ENGAGE!  Start slow, find groups on Facebook to connect with to get questions answered, see what your competitors are doing….don’t copy them–find ways to make things your own!  I will be posting helpful hints, links to sites to help you, and trying out some experiments of my own.

Every day is a discovery

Today I received notifications that people in Australia and England are following me on Twitter.  Yes, I know, me!   It’s kind of like getting an unexpected Christmas present.

I’d love to hear from you.  Send me a comment, question, or just stop by and say hi!

Thanks for engaging with me,

Mary Lu 🙂



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