Don’t Judge Your Promotion By It’s Cover

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I was asked by the folks at Ambassador International to provide a little insight for authors to promote their books. I’ve added some additional information and resources to the original post.

I have a background in television journalism and have been on the receiving end of all sorts of information from organizations, businesses, and even publishing houses touting their latest offerings. That is why I understand what those folks need to know so they can promote your event, cause, or business.

Quick tips to promote your message:

  • Make connections with your local TV stations and offer to do a live interview (it really isn’t as scary as you think!) They may have a day time talk show or slots open during their morning, noon, or weekend newscasts.
  • See if your local newspaper will do a feature on you.
  • Local radio stations occasionally will feature people who are doing unique things in the community.

In your pitch to these outlets either via telephone, email, or snail mail make sure the information you provide is short and concise.   Give them the who, what, when, where, and why.  Most importantly, make sure you tell them you are available.

Also, if the media promotes or covers your event make sure you use that within your social media platforms.   Nothing is better than a ready made story that you can link to your own Facebook and Twitter pages.  If it is an article in the newspaper, post a link or if it isn’t available online….take a picture of the printed article.  Find unique ways to keep the momentum going.

Insight from authors

I reached out to two authors that I know and they have this advice for you:

Author and speaker Margaret Feinberg has published numerous books that inspire and encourage the audience to dig deeper into God’s Word:

“As far as promoting books, we think it’s important for authors to know they are the plan. They are the editing plan. The marketing plan. The design plan. Everything. Authors shouldn’t think that if they sign with a traditional house everything will be taken care of. They need to intentional about building and maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and others. They are the marketing plan. Great content is everything. “

Author Dwayne Morris self-published his first book “The Outrageous Life”:

“My greatest promotional tool was guest-posting on other people’s blogs. I connected with several people who have big platforms and they allowed me to speak into the lives of their audience. They also posted links to my book. (These include Michael Hyatt and Michael Nichols.) The bottom line…make connections with people and serve them and their audience. If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll eventually get what you want.”

I would love to connect with you through this blog.  Do you have suggestions or questions? Also, feel free to email me for a free tip sheet with more detail on some of the items I’ve outlined above.

P.S. Margaret Feinberg is one my favorite authors.   She has a new book “Fighting Back with Joy” you can pre-order (and she’s offering some cool incentives right now!).  Margaret has battled cancer over the past couple of years and is using this book to share her journey with us.   I encourage you to buy this and all her books.  I’ve already ordered and can’t wait for it to arrive in 2015!  If you have a chance to hear her speak….GO!  You will not be disappointed!

I must not leave Dwayne Morris out.  He and I met many years ago at a First Baptist North Spartanburg.  I don’t remember our first meeting, but I do know that he has been a huge encourager for me.   He would listen to me go on and on saying, “I know God wants me to do something but I can’t figure it out.”  He never judged.  Dwayne provided the support I needed and encouraged me to be patient and watch what God had in store for me.   I never could have imagined even a year ago all that has happened in just the past few months. “The Outrageous Life” is the theme of my life now!

Love how God puts people in our paths to enlighten and encourage!

Blessings on your day,

Mary Lu 🙂



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