The Benefit of Having Custom Graphics Made For Your Business

Everyone is bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of images on a daily basis as we scroll through our social media feeds.  What makes you stop and look?  Is it a pretty picture?  The unique font or message in the text? What are those things that catch your eye?

Graphics that are “customized” give the client a platform that says “HERE WE ARE!” The Merriam Webster online dictionary has a great definition of customized: made or performed according to personal order.  It’s just like having a wedding dress made….the gown is tailored to the bride.   You want that extra touch that showcases your brand.

We love our members Valentine's Day Couples Workshop (1)Wednesday graphic

Ways that make graphics special!

Working with clients it is important that graphic creators invest time learning about the message that is to be conveyed.  Use logos and colors that are already part of their brand/marketing theme. Or maybe it’s time to freshen up what has been done before? Great, high quality pictures of products or services offered help to showcase the uniqueness of the business.

Creating a series of graphics for a campaign is a great way to make your custom message show up on social media platforms.   Check out the graphics below I created for’s Inner Circle:

Share your questions-3DShare a tip simple -3DShare your heart-3D







These colors are identifiable with Coach Cindy Taylor’s theme from her website.  She brings her expertise into our Inner Circle. We noticed when these were put online immediately she began to get responses.  They stand out because they are unique.  I was able to replicate the colors and just slightly change the graphic in the middle and the wording.   We kept the background, logo, and font style the same.

Help is here! is all about catering to our members and creating an experience to enhance their businesses through marketing and social media.

Contact us and together we can help create a message that will solidify your presence on social media.

If you are interested in making your own graphics try out tools like PicMonkey or Canva.   I am working on learning Photoshop Elements…the less intense version of Photoshop. There are lots of extra tools to learn and you can layer many elements together to make some fantastic graphics.

I’d love to chat with you about graphics feel free to comment on my blog or use the connection links below!

Blessings to you,

Mary Lu

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Mary Lu Saylor is an Emmy-award winning journalist who spent 30 years in the television news business. Her experience includes work as a videographer, newscast video editor, and ultimately as the newsroom Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC. Mary Lu is currently pursuing her passion of social media, which began during her years at WSPA-TV. She is a Social Media Specialist with



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