Finding Pictures For Social Media Graphics

As a Social Media Specialist I create dozens of graphics a week.  For those of you following my blog, you know that this is one of the areas I enjoy the most.  I also prefer to use my own pictures for this task because I know exactly where they came from.  Why is this important?   Because you can get in some serious legal trouble if you don’t.  The Creekmore Law Firm in Blacksburg, Virginia posted this blog earlier this year which spells out the specifics on this.

Is there anything that you can use that is truly free?

I do from time to time use a website that was recommended to me  This website is full of pictures contributed from photographers and is covered under the Creative Commons license.  I’ve found some stunning pictures that have made exceptional graphics (see the three below.)  If you choose to use a service off the internet make sure that you are covered by the Creative Commons license.
Enjoy the beauty around you

waterfall scripture

look for open doors

Using the right tools

The ultimate though is using your own tools to create great pictures.  Want to know a secret?  I use my iPhone! That’s right, no fancy camera.   I have not dabbled into altering my pictures to bring out certain colors or highlighting parts of the pictures.  I take several pictures of the same thing.  And I always check my pictures before I leave a location if I have a MUST HAVE picture.  That’s the great thing about digital pictures, you know right away!

Albert Einstein

beauty of the world

the world is your amphitheater

This first graphic was the walkway into my local library.  The stepping stones were still a little wet.  The second is fall in all it’s glory.  And the last picture was on a walk and I found this gorgeous stone amphitheater.

National Pet Day  He is before all things, and in Him all (2)

This second collection includes my cat Samuel (he’s always up for a photo!) And the final picture is one that I took on a walk and found these adorable little pine cones hanging down.   All of these photos were taken with a smartphone.

Final tips

I always have my phone with me and am taking pictures of the sky, the ground, textures on walls.  I’m sure people think I am a little nuts from time to time.  But the payoff is that I know that these photos are 100% my property.

I dare you to go out and create your own backgrounds and photos for your projects!

As always, I love feedback from readers.  Please leave your questions and comments in the box below!


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4 thoughts on “Finding Pictures For Social Media Graphics

  1. Yes, using your own photos is a great asset to creating custom graphics for use on social media and blog posts. I have not used but look forward to checking it out. Have you tried


  2. I also use a lot of my own photos but I also purchase some from fotolia as I often need other images… they are pretty reasonable.


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