Guest Post: Jamarcus Gaston

I’m always looking for new ways to share information. I’ve invited some of my friends who are pretty savvy with social media to pop in as a guest blogger.  I think you will be pretty fascinated in how my incredible friends are using their platforms in so many unique ways.  I’ve asked each of them the same three questions to make things fair.

Guest blog kickoff

Jamarcus Gaston

We are kicking off our guest blog post series with Jamarcus Gaston. I met him when he was interning at WSPA-TV.  He was about to graduate from Furman University and you could tell he had lots of energy and enthusiasm.  After graduation he came to work at WSPA as an entertainment reporter and so many wonderful things happened for him.  He hosts a daily talk show (more info at the bottom of the blog) and honestly has more energy than a human should be allowed.  I’ve seen very few people accomplish so much in a day.

Q: What social media platforms are you on?  And how do you use social media?

A: The social media platforms I currently use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and PHHHOTO.

I use these social media sites to bring viewers, family, and friends along for the ride.  As an entertainment host and storyteller, I get a chance to see and experience a lot of things from a unique perspective and social media allows me (through pictures, video and sound) to share those moments instantly to the viewer. I get to show them really cool things as I am seeing them.

I use it to spark conversation—whether it’s a big sports story, an awards show on TV, or a quirky story that has everyone talking, social media allows me to hear my viewers directly.

I use social media to peel the curtain back on television. Back in the day, only select people got to see what happens behind the scenes, not anymore!

I use social media to get new segment ideas. I book about 3-4 segments a week based on leads on social media, mostly from Instagram.

I simply use social media to grow closer to those that I serve—saying hello is on Facebook is the first thing I do each morning, and that is important to me.

Q: What platforms do you feel are the best to engage your audience or ideal client?

A: Currently, I would say Facebook and Instagram are the best ones for our clients/ viewers. Most of segments are very visual and interactive so these platforms allow for that to really shine through.

Q: Share one or a few things that have surprised you about using social media.

A: The thing that surprises me about social media is how easy it can be. Yes, it can be a lot to manage, but as soon as you forget about posting and START thinking about connecting and sharing, it becomes less of a chore and more of a tool.

A little about Jamarcus….

Hey everyone! I am Jamarcus Gaston and I host and produce a daily morning TV show in Spartanburg, SC called “Studio 62.” We highlight food, music, arts, and all things local to the upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  Our show is only on TV for 30 minutes a day, so social media allows us to connect 24/7 and that is important to me. One of my favorite series is #JGBackpack which was a sparked after a viewer told me she wanted to ride along in my backpack, just to experience all the cool stuff from my vantage point. So now, when I am out and about and I see something neat or interesting, I use that hashtag #JGsBackpack.

Connect with Jamarcus

I would love to have you all along for the quirky ride—Follow me on Facebook @Jamarcus Gaston TV Host or @Studio62CW on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

We are also on the cool Gif, photo sharing site Phhhoto

Thanks, Jamarcus for taking time to put this blog together!!!  I know he is destined for big things in the TV world.  I hope you enjoyed this installment and will sign up to follow my blog.  I guarantee you are going to want to see who is coming up next! 


Mary Lu

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Mary Lu Saylor is an Emmy-award winning journalist who spent 30 years in the television news business. Her experience includes work as a videographer, newscast video editor, and ultimately as the newsroom Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC. Mary Lu is currently pursuing her passion of social media, which began during her years at WSPA-TV. She is a Social Media Specialist with


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