Guest blogger: Jaimie Moore

Jimmy, Jaimie and Spencer

I’ve been friends with Jaimie and her husband Jimmy Moore for a very long time.  We worked together at WSPA-TV.  Jaimie was a nighttime producer and Jimmy was an extremely talented photographer.  He was always interested in the stories he was telling and gadgets…yes, he still loves them!  There was a moment in August of 2011 that changed their lives forever.  Jimmy had an accident that left him paralyzed.  We immediately lost two precious people in our newsroom. Jimmy and Jaimie showed such strength through all of this.  I blogged about them a month after the accident…they continue to inspire me.

Jimmy and Jaimie are loved by so many.  Jaimie realized shortly after the accident happened that on that an enormous amount of people wanted to know how Jimmy was progressing.  She used the social media tool Caring Bridge to share news, pictures, and updates.  Jaimie is an incredible writer and she could use her skills to share the unfolding story.   At last check his page on Caring Bridge has over 54,000 views!

Jaimie took some time out of her extremely busy schedule to write this guest blog for me.  I’m very grateful!

What social media platforms are you on?  And how do you use social media?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Caring Bridge. I use social media after I publish each blog.  Social media throws my blog out into the internet world and sometimes lands in unexpected places. I get emails from people time-to-time who ask me questions or tell me they love my writing, or that our story is an inspiration to them or helps them. On the flip side, my blog has opened up so many doors to new friends and support that I didn’t even know I needed in this new life. A “blog friend” (whom I may never meet because she lives in Utah I think) had a two year old son that suffered a brain injury after a fence fell on him. He’s five now I think now, but, her life is drastically different now. So is mine. We blog through our hard stuff and support each other and before all this, I wouldn’t have known how to possibly begin to understand her life. Spinal cord injury and brain injury – way different. But there are so many similarities in the challenges we face. Just one example of how social media has helped me.

What platforms do you feel are the best to engage your audience or ideal client?

I think starting a “business” Facebook page — or a page dedicated to just my blog has helped. I could be doing more to get more followers probably but in the grand scheme of things, if someone wants updates about our life, they probably already like it. That’s why I use Caring Bridge for the important Jimmy stuff. Those people know what they’re getting when they sign up for those updates.

Facebook is a great way to get something out to our friends/family fast, and to update them on all events happening in our life, not just the SCI (spinal cord injury.)

Caring Bridge goes to those who purely want Jimmy medical updates.

Instagram allows for a more visual perspective of our life. I love telling our story through pictures.

Twitter, I can throw it into your feed. If you feel like clicking on it, you can. (I feel like adding blog/links to Twitter is the least effective platform for gaining readers.)

Pinterest can reach some really crazy-far places.

Share one or a few things that have surprised you about using social media.

I feel like I might have answered this question. Gaining support that I didn’t know I needed. Being opened up to others who are going through what I’m going through. Long distance relationships/bonds/tears/heartbreak happening over what I’ve written and what others have written. I didn’t expect to find an SCI community that would help me and I didn’t expect to form new kinds of lovely friends while living through a tragedy and sharing it on social media. While my introverted side wants to hide everything all the time, I know myself. I need support and even have to ask for it from time to time when everyone thinks I’m fine. I have to let them know sometimes I’m not and need some friggin’ help. 🙂

Moore family update

Jaimie and Spencer

A bundle of joy named Spencer arrived in November of 2014 for the Moore family.  This precious little girl is absolutely adorable and is the apple of both of her parent’s lives. I love seeing this sweet girl in my Facebook feed!

Jaimie’s Connection Points:

Jaimie’s blog:

Big Thank You!

Thanks Jaimie for taking time to put this together and share with my readers. Jaimie and Jimmy also deserve a big thanks for sharing their journey with the world.  I know that their story had touch thousands of people around the world.  There is so much to be learned from others.

Stay tuned for next week’s guest!  Make sure you follow my blog so it will come right to your inbox!


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