Guest Blogger: Dwayne Morris

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This week’s special guest is a dear friend of mine, Dwayne Morris.  This special man has been a part of my life for many years as a trusted friend, counselor, and all around pretty awesome guy.  I remember the day that I told him that I thought God wanted me to do something special with my life but I didn’t know what. Dwayne gently explained that to do that I needed to let God do his job and it will happen.  He was so right. So many things happened for me after that conversation.  That was also when I learned Dwayne was writing a book that he had published (you will read about that at the end of his blog.) I am so excited that he has another one that we’ll be hearing about soon.

Let’s get to the good stuff!   Dwayne explains how he uses various platforms including Periscope to engage his audience.  I know you will enjoy this!

What social media platforms are you on? And how do you use social media?

I operate on 3.5 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The “.5” is Hootsuite which is what I use to schedule post for the future. It has helped me maintain a consistent presence on Social Media. When I make a new post, I will go ahead and schedule it out for the next 12 to 18 months with Hootsuite. Not everyone sees my posts at the same time, so I will schedule them at 3 month intervals. This helps me be “top of mind” for those who keep up with me and my family. I’m exploring Periscope (@DwayneMorris). I’ve posted a couple of interviews and random observations about life and scripture.

What platforms do you feel are the best to engage your audience or ideal client?

In reality, I get the most engagement on Facebook. However, the people I most want to interact with are on Twitter. What makes it hard is the unwritten rule that you should not respond to everyone on Twitter. To this point, Michael Hyatt says you wouldn’t go to a party and comment on every conversation you heard. The key question is, “Am I adding value to others?” If I can add value and expect nothing in return, then I begin earning the right to engage. Another determinant is character-count.

When I simply cannot get my content inside 140 characters, I have to go to Facebook. On occasion, I have made a mini-post on my blog and posted a link to both platforms.

Share one or a few things that have surprised you about using social media.

My greatest surprise is how easy it is to engage with very significant people. I recall the first time I had an exchange with Michael Hyatt. I was like, “This is CRAZY! I’m having a ‘conversation’ with Michael Hyatt!” That’s when you choose your words carefully. Another surprise is how quickly you can become a Global influencer. There was a lady in Kenya who was readying my book on Kindle. Whenever she would highlight something in the book, she would post it to Twitter. When she started doing this, I started picking up a lot of new followers in Africa!

That’s CRAZY!!!

About Dwayne

 Morris Family

I am a blessed husband to Angela Morris and father to my three kids:

Taylor (19), Logan (17) and Avery (12). I love helping others experience the life God created them to live. I currently serve on the staff of First Baptist North Spartanburg in Spartanburg, SC. I am an Creative Coach, blogger and author. I published my first book, “The OUTRAGEOUS Life: Letting God Take You from Ordinary to Outrageous” in March, 2014.

I am currently working on the next book, “Chasing Donkeys: When Common Events Turn Into Uncommon Opportunities”. My overall desire is to help people leverage their lives for maximum results.

Connect with Dwayne:


Twitter: @dwaynemorris

Instagram: @dwaynemorris

Periscope: @dwaynemorris


Thank You!

Dwayne, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to blog for us.  You are a treasure to everyone that has the privilege of meeting you. 

Dwayne and I would love to hear from you. Leave a question or comment below.

Mary Lu Saylor

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Mary Lu Saylor is an Emmy-award winning journalist who spent 30 years in the television news business. Her experience includes work as a videographer, newscast video editor, and ultimately as the newsroom Assignment Manager at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC. Mary Lu is currently pursuing her passion of social media, which began during her years at WSPA-TV. She is a Social Media and Personal Strategist with


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