Sharing Charity Event Posts: YOU can make an IMPACT!

While scrolling through your newsfeeds on any platform you may occasionally run across things going on in your area.  How often do you feel compelled to share those posts?   I know that I am more likely to share if it is an event or group that I know a little something about.  Of course, I’m also very likely to share pictures from local animal groups too.  I want every fur-baby to have a home. 🙂

A study conducted (please don’t roll your eyes here….this is important!) of Facebook users by Pew Research and the New York Times Customer Insight Group showed that 69% of users share information because it makes them feel more involved in the world.  People want to do want to be involved and they want to help.

My point is this: when you care about your community it is important to participate.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through sharing posts from your favorite groups.  Help get people interested in fundraising events, volunteering, and the positive influence these organizations have in our corner of the world. Organizations like CHIP don’t have big budgets so they need you to spread the word.

A great example of this is happening right now in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia.  The Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP) of Roanoke Valley is hosting a charity poker tournament on Friday, October 16 at the Sanctuary in Roanoke. This fundraiser, like most non-profits, is crucial to getting funding to benefit the poorest and neediest children in our area.

In case you don’t know, CHIP is an early childhood visiting program.  The great folks at this organization pair low-income children from birth to kindergarten age with those who can help them get access to medical care and educational testing.  Read more about all the services CHIP offers by clicking here.

I’d like to challenge the readers to become more involved in your communities.  Donate money, volunteer your time, and SHARE POSTS!!!  You can increase the reach tremendously by taking two seconds and sharing.  The value goes up if you add a little comment too.  Show a little love to the organization by liking or favoriting their posts. If everyone gives a little, the IMPACT WILL BE SIGNIFICANT.

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Get all the details about the CHIP Charity Poker Tournament by clicking here.

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