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I love bringing new ideas to share with you about social media through some very special connections. Mark Morrow is a very talented photographer that I daresay I was stalking a bit…ha ha on Instagram.  I saw some of his pictures which evolved into me engaging him in a bit of conversation. His beautiful photographs of our city and the surrounding mountains are breathtaking.  He reached out to me via Facebook where we were able to continue conversations in a little more depth.

I would encourage you to check out Mark’s work. Use this blog as a tool to share with others who would be interested in photography.

What social media platforms are you on?  And how do you use social media?

At the current time, I’m located on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + as well as my personal Blog hosted via

What platforms do you feel are the best to engage your audience or ideal client?

As a photographer and visual media producer, I’m finding a quality interaction on both Facebook and Instagram in terms of ‘Likes’ and comments that provide a lot of useful feedback in regard to the images and information I tend to share. While I used to send these works out over the Twitter feed, I find they generally garner the most traction in the visually-motivated Facebook and Instagram sphere and, in my case generally worth the effort of further social media outreach.

As a writer, podcaster and one who enjoys passing along any creative inspiration and technical information from the photography arena, I’m finding the use of my personal blog and the platform graciously availed to me by to be the most effective framework for sharing podcast links, reviews and tutorial-based material as the WordPress interface provides an automated method of sharing out the SM platforms of our choosing immediately as a work is published. I find these link-based works are more easily scheduled and more frequently accessed via the Twitter and LinkedIn audience (as opposed to the visual-based) Facebook and Google + follower, as they can be liked, shared and conveniently revisited at a later time due to the lengthier nature of the educational information therein.

In terms of an immediate outreach approach, I’m finding the best outlet for visually-inspired (photo-video) efforts to be within Instagram. While it is a pain at times to be limited solely to a mobile perspective in terms of sharing, the tag-oriented interface allows for a more precise targeting of potential clientele and those with whom I’d like to work with down the road. While Facebook and Google + do allow for this approach as well, I’m still personally inclined to avoid any over-tagging in that arena (due to the friend and family-based atmosphere) and defer instead to an Instagram outreach for maximum impact. Either way can be a potential time-sucker, so it’s best to do a little research up-front to locate the proper tags in order for the most effective results.

Though somewhat new to the platform, I’m finding the ‘revolving-resume’ approach of LinkedIn can be quite beneficial in terms of connecting with those who can bring the added benefit of reference to the professional table. It’s always a plus to have someone we’ve worked with stop by and endorse a certain skill from a first-hand perspective, and I enjoy doing the same as well. In fact, I’ve become accustomed to taking a little time every day (or whenever possible) to visit former co-workers pages and endorse the skills I know them to excel in first-hand. When it comes to success, everyone needs a good reference. LinkedIn provides a powerful, legitimate avenue to give a good report for those who well-deserve one at the hands-on level.

Share one or a few things that have surprised you about using social media.

The biggest surprise thus far, for myself in using social media has been the interaction not on a business level, but rather in reconnecting with friends and family whom I have become disconnected with over the years in the bustle of everyday life. Having been pressed by a fellow local business person a few year back, they were most insistent that to succeed in any way I must open a Facebook account. Admittedly frustrated at this notion initially, I had no idea the re-connection to so many great friends and family ties now residing in all parts of the world were waiting just around the corner. I simply could not have been more wrong, and more pleased at the decision to make the leap. This is by far the most unexpected reward – business or no business – that I could have hoped to receive. As a result, my life has been enriched and business efforts have benefited in due turn as well. So far, it’s been a true win-win.

About Mark

Mark Morrow is a practicing Virginia-based photographer specializing in real estate, fine art landscape and architectural projects as well as commercial product and portraiture. Always an avid student of the craft, Mark enjoys sharing insight and inspiration on his personal blog, podcast (Image in Transit) and as a contributing author with Click here to read more of Mark’s articles. To view more of Mark’s work, please click here.

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I am thrilled to be able to bring you people who are using social media in so many different ways to promote their businesses.  I am a big believer that sharing keeps the creative juices flowing and allows us to move in directions we couldn’t begin to imagine.  Thank you Mark for sharing your knowledge with us.

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